Why Would a Painting Contractor Require You to Send Them Pictures?

If you’re looking for a Colorado Springs painting contractor you most likely have taken part in this process:

  1. You call a painting contractor or fill out a form on their website.
  2. The painting contractor reaches out to you and sets up an estimate.
  3. You wait a day, a week or a month to meet with them.
  4. You wait longer in many cases to even get your estimate.
  5. Then, after you meet with 3-7 painting contractors and compare all the estimates you finally select one of them to get you on the schedule for your painting project.

We hear stories all the time about what a pain it is to get a painting contractor to get out to your home. Some don’t show. Some are late and don’t respect your time.

How Simplify Painting is Different

We live in 2017.

You can order pizza, a ride to the airport and you can even get a mortgage on your phone! Why are we still waiting for a contractor to show up and give you a price for painting?

We believe in keeping things ‘simple.’ We believe the last thing you need is to wait around for us to show up, walk your property and then send over a proposal a day or so later.

Hiring a painting contractor doesn’t need to be complicated. Just like a Doctor can learn a lot from an X-Ray, we can tell a lot from a simple picture and make pretty solid recommendations as to how we can help you.

The Easy Way to Hire a Painting Contractor

Step 1: Take a picture and upload it here.

Step 2: We give you a call and discuss what you want done, the timing and the price within a few bucks.

Step 3: If you’re cool with where we’re at and want to move forward, we schedule a site visit to confirm the scope of work and price and then get you on the schedule.

No waiting. No games. No surprises.

Simplify Painting

Interior Painting

Interior Painting: Why does it take so much time?

How to Paint Your Home: Interior Painting

Have you been wanting to paint your home, but wonder, “Why does it take so much time?”. When you turn on HGTV and see an entire home painted in one episode, you may get a false sense of hope on what it takes. We will go over a few tips to make painting your home less stressful, and why it takes more than a day to paint it all!

1.) Protect your home:

Before the paint cans even have a chance to be opened, your home should be protected. This can include covering everything with plastic, and masking off your baseboards. Having your flooring covered with drop cloths is also very important. We would hate to see paint getting somewhere that it doesn’t belong! These are a few examples of protection:

Interior PaintingInterior Painting

















2.) PREP:

If you want to have a nice clean finish, you’ll want to have the areas being painted prepped. This can include filling nail holes on the wall, caulking your trim, and fixing any cracks in the walls or ceilings. Once everything is taped, masked and protected, the paint cans are safe to come out. Masking your baseboards will ensure no paint drips get onto them. If you are painting baseboards, those need to be sanded, caulked, nail holes filled, primed and painted.

Interior Painting Interior Painting

















3.) PAINT:

Once the home is prepped, painting can begin. There are so many choices when it comes to paint brands. Check out this blog we wrote about some of the different options that are widely used. For example, Benjamin Moore has many different grades of paint depending on your project. They have everything from basic commercial grade paint, to higher end paint such as Aura or Natura. Knowing what is most important to you can help you navigate the different types (do you have young kids and need a durable paint? Is it a rental home and just needs a refresh?). See below for a few different colors we have used on previous projects.

Interior Paintinginterior painting













Interior Painting

Interior Painting
















If you are thinking of an interior painting project, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start. Have fun with it, and if you are in Colorado Springs, Monument or Denver, contact us today with any questions!

Interior Painting Ideas

Color ideas for your store: Which color is best?

Color choices for different businesses

Do you have a business where you regularly see clients or customers? Depending on the type of business you have, you may be wondering; what color should I paint my store? When you walk into your favorite restaurant or store, chances are you feel happy and comfortable. Now this could be because of the great food, but it also has to do with the atmosphere and surroundings. Below, we will outline some different types of businesses, and what colors may be suited for each of them.


  1. Coffee Shop/Cafe: Any place of business focusing on food should consider warm colors, like reds and oranges. Red is known to stimulate the appetite, and orange encourages conversation and people to feel confident. A lot of coffee shops are going for the vintage look, which may have more textures like wood planking and metal accents. I love how vibrant the orange is in this little coffee shop!

Interior painting ideas

Photo from this coffee shop start up blog: Click Here


2. Salon/Spa/Boutique: Most of these businesses tend to go towards softer pastel colors. To create a relaxing, yet glamorous space you may want to do a soft coral, light purple, or turquoise. This is a salon, “Color”, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, isn’t it fancy? This photo was found on the Haute Living website as the #1 Salon in Las Vegas.

Interior Painting Ideas


3.Creative Business (Florists, gift shops, high end home items): If you run a business that shows your creativity, you may want to use multiple colors that show your artistic side. Orange, yellow or pale blue are great options. Orange makes people feel happy, so they may be more inclined to browse a little longer. Yellow is a good way to highlight something you want to attract attention to. If you want a relaxing environment, greens and blues are very calming. Check out this adorable children’s boutique in the Philipines. They used light greens and blues for the calming effect, and then yellows to highlight. Click here to see the full article on this photo. Interior Painting Ideas Interior Painting Ideas


Whichever color you choose, have fun with it! Consider your target market and the feeling you want to evoke when they visit your business. If you live in Colorado Springs or Denver and are looking for a painting contractor, feel free to contact us here! 

Exterior Painting Ideas

Exterior Painting Ideas

Are you needing some exterior painting ideas? With home design trends constantly changing, it may feel overwhelming to keep up! The great thing about paint is how much of a difference it can make to your home’s curb appeal. Below, we will show you a few different ideas when it comes to house painting. When it comes time to buy your paint, remember that a higher quality paint will cover better and last longer. It may be more expensive up front, but you won’t have to repaint as often!


Exterior Painting Ideas

    1. Classic: Depending on your styles and area that you live in, you may want a subtle classic look. This photo from the Home Bunch website shows a gorgeous classic Georgian home which used Benjamin Moore’s “Gray Huskie”. Paired with white trim and the beautifil details, you can’t go wrong with this design. Exterior Painting Ideas2. Modern Farmhouse: One of the latest trends is a rustic farmhouse design. Some homeowners have a real farmhouse that they have renovated, while other’s may have a more classic home that they used farmhouse inspiration in. This modern farmhouse below was designed by Charles Vincent George Architechts in Illinois. They chose a palette of reds, white, and a deep blue/gray for the body. This design is so beautifully put together. Exterior Painting Ideas3. Black and White: This is a very simple, yet modern look for any home. Having a clean white on the body of your home, and black doors and trim is sure to be a showstopper. This adorable home was found on the Homedit website. Exterior Painting Ideas

4. Craftsman Style: This style uses rich colors for bold accents. From the Benjamin Moore website, “Note how the windows wear complementary hues of gold and aubergine, while the trim and brackets of the roof eaves boast a deep sea blue.” The body of this house is painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Thicket”. The accent colors are “Schooner”, “Chambourd”, and “Citrine”.

Exterior Painting Ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing a palette for the exterior of your home. If you are in Denver or Colorado Springs and are looking for a painting contractor, please contact us here. We are able to help you with your color choices if you are having trouble deciding!

Painted Ceilings

Leftover Paint: What should I do with it?

Interior and Exterior Painting: Using leftover paint

You’ve completed your painting project and realized you still have leftover paint; do you discard it or use it? There are many ways to use your paint, and we will outline a few of those here. If you choose to discard it, make sure to look here for a Paint Care drop off location.

Spruce up old furniture
Do you have an older nightstand or coffee table? You can sand your furniture down and put a primer on before you paint it. This simple project can bring a great pop of color to any space. This coffee table idea is found on the Refresh Muncie website. Designs can be created with extra time and some tape, or just go simple with one color. what to do with leftover paint


Accent Walls

Why not use that paint to add some color on a sad, boring wall? Or go crazy and paint a kitchen or bedroom ceiling with a fun color! When it comes to painting your home, the fun thing is you can really make it your own. Check out these fun ceilings found on the This Old House website. Painted CeilingsPainted CeilingsPainted Ceilings

Paint a bookcase or built in

Do you have any bookcases or maybe a built in around your fireplace? You can paint the shelving, or paint the backing to create a nice dimension. To make more of a statement, you can paint the shelving a more neutral color, and the back a bright pop of color.  Check out this adorable built in found on the Young House Love blog. Interior Painting Ideas

If you have just finished a large interior or exterior painting project, you may never want to look at a paint can again. But if you hate to see paint go to waste, try one of these creative ideas! If you live in Colorado Springs or Denver, we are here to help you with some ideas on your next painting project. Contact us today to get started.